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Meet the founder

Hi, I’m Rob – founder of Whittle by Whittle. Thanks for stopping by!

Who we are

Whittle By Whittle was born in the summer of 2021 whilst lockdown was in full effect. Not being able to visit friends and family, or even leave the house for more than your weekly shop was incredibly tough.

I needed something to channel my energy into and discovered a love for woodworking. It totally consumed me, kept me level headed, and gave me a sense of purpose.

I started small, making things for friends and family, and later in the year opened my own Etsy store. After quickly hitting my first 100 sales I decided it was time to start my own website, and thus, whittlebywhittle.co.uk was born!

I offer a range of handmade wood products from ethically & locally sourced materials, as well as offering a custom service for anyone wanting something a little more bespoke.

If you’d like to chat about a custom piece, please fill out the bespoke order form and I’ll be in touch.